Name and Position

This organization is named Consortium of Agrarian Reform, abbreviated KPA. This organization is based in all regions of  Indonesia. KPA is built on 24th September 1994 in Jakarta, and has passed on December 10 1995 in KPA National Consensus I in Bandung for an indefinite period.

Principle and Value

KPA have principle of popular sovereignty. The KPA embrace the values of  : HAM (The Human Right); Environmental sustainability; Wisdom of the indigenous values; Democration; Social justice; Fairness and equality of gender; Non-secretariat; Non-partisan; Conciliation and anti-violence; Anti-discrimination on racial, Tribe, Religion and Cult; and Solidarity.

Character and Purpose

KPA is an organization of people’s movement which is an Open and Independent. KPA is intended to fought for the creation of fairness of agrarian system, and ensure equality of allocation of agrarian resources for all Indonesian peoples; Assurance of ownership, possession and use of agrarian resources for peasant, the fisherman and indigenous peoples; and assurance of prosperity for poor peoples.


Form, Structure and Management

KPA has the form of a consortium. Structure organization of KPA consist of a national consensus, National Council, Secretary General, KPA region (in Provincial Level), KPA members, Council of Expert. KPA management consist of National Council, Secretary General of KPA, KPA region and Council of Expert.

Function and Activity

Function of KPA :      ( 1 ) As an amplifier, empowerment, proponent, actors of struggle Agrarian Reform by Leverage (ARBL), and ( 2 ) as an organization that encourages the emergence of various activity and agrarian system which pro to people’s, and against the policy who anti-agararian reform.

The activities of KPA include:  ( 1 ) Fight for the fulfillment of the people’s right especially the farmer, fisherman, indigenous peoples, and poor people’s; ( 2 ) Form of advocacy efforts to change people’s consciousness through the deployment of information, establishment of public opinion, collective defense on the one hand, policy changes and development strategy that oriented to the fulfillment of the rights of the people on the other; ( 3 ) organizing alternative education; ( 4 ) development of information networks, the study, and publications that are internal and external; ( 5 ) Development cooperation activities, programs, and institutions that serve the fulfillment of the purposes of Agrarian Reform movement; and ( 6 ) Actively involved in the struggle to raise the national solidarity and front / alliance international struggle for Genuine Agrarian Reform.


KPA members are people’s organizations (farmer organization, fishermen, and indigenous people) and non-gevernmental organization (NGO/LSM ) with alignment and common purpose with KPA. Based on the results of the VI National Congress KPA 25-28 February 2013 in Puncak Bogor, West Java, KPA members assigned number is 173 (one hundred and seventy-three) organization, with details of 96 people’s organizations and 77 non-governmental organizations.

Management of Organization

The National Secretariat (Executive Board) KPA consist of  :

The Secretary-General

Dewi Kartika

 Team Works National Secretariat, as follows :

Head of the Departmen of Program Management Nurkholipah
Head of the Department of Research and Campaigns

Adi Wibowo

 Staff Department of Research and Campaigns

Angga Ramdana

Staff Department of Research and Campaigns

Benni Wijaya

Head of the Department of Politics and Advocacy Network Expansion

Staff Department of Politics and Advocacy Network Expansion

  Yahya Zakaria

Roni Septian

Head of the Department of Organizational Strengthening People
Staff Department of the People’s Organization Strengthening

Roy Silalahi, Syamsudin Wahid, Adang Satriyo

Administration and Finance:
Manager of Finance  Diana Tan

Acik Handini


 Elita Wahyuni

 Household Staff Office

Deni Kartiwa

National Council (Legislative Board) KPA 2016-2020 consist of:

  • Iwan Nurdin (Chief of National Council)
  • Sofyan Ubaidi Anom
  • Fubertus Ipur
  • Kisran Makati
  • Harun Nuh

Council of Expert KPA 2016-2020 Consist of :

  • Gunawan Wiradi
  • Maria Roewiastoeti
  • Bonnie Setiawan
  • Boedhi Widjardjo
  • Hendro Sangkoyo
  • Usep Setiawan
  • Idham Arsyad


KPA Region         :

While at the regional level (province) there are eleven of KPA Region, which consists of :

KPA West Java                             : Yayan Hardiana
KPA East Java                              : Sofyan Ubaidi Anom
KPA Region of Central Java        : David Kristianto
KPA Region of Central Sulawesi : Rahmawati
KPA Region Sulawesi Ternggara : M. Jufri
KPA Region South Sulawesi*
KPA Region of West Kalimantan*
KPA Region of Bali                     : Ni Made Indrawati
KPA North Sumatra*
KPA Region Bengkulu*
KPA Region Jambi*
KPA Region Lampung*

*)  KPA region to region deliberations have not implemented per January 2014 related to the restructuring of the organization.

Each region of the KPA led by Regional Coordinator or the Presidium.


Network International and National

  • The International Land Coalition (ILC), Roma, Italia, as Council Member and Coordinator ILC Asia
  • Freres des’ Hommes (FDH), Paris, France, as a partner.
  • Special Working Group on Food Security Council, the Department of Agriculture.
  • Work Team tenure in the Department of Forestry.
  • People’s Coalition Anti Land Grabbing (KARAM Land), a national coalition of 35 civil society organizations that specifically advocate the Land Acquisition Bill and Act 2 of 2012 on Land Procurement for Development for the Public Interest – the Joint Secretariat and Coordinator of the Coalition.
  • Restoration of the Joint Secretariat of the People’s Rights (PHR joint secretariat), a national coalition comprised of 77 civil society organizations formed to respond to the agrarian conflicts that rose in the homeland – as one of the initiators and the Speaker.
  • Etc.


Contact The Board

The National KPA Secretariat Address          :  Komplek Liga Mas, Jl. Pancoran Indah I No.1 Block E3, Pancoran, South Jakarta 12760, Tel. (021) 7984540, Fax. (021) 7993834, e-mail:, website:

Contact Person:

  • National Secretariat : Dewi Kartika ( The Secretary-General),  and e-mail:, HP: 081394475884
  • National Council : Iwan Nurdin (Chairman of the National Council), e-mail:, HP: 081229111651

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