Who Is Agrarian Reform for?

“We hope that all who will participate (especially fellows laborers and students) in Peasant Day Demonstration will not only deliver solidarity messages toward agrarian reform, but will become one in agrarian reform movement,” said Iwan Nurdin, general secretary of KPA, in a preparatory meeting for 2016 Peasant Day Demonstration.

On Wednesday (24/8), National Secretariat of KPA invited fellows agrarian reform supporters to attend preparatory meeting for 2016 Peasant Day in Jakarta. There were about 18 civil society organizations who came from National Coalition of Agrarian Reform (KNPA), peasant movement, laborers movement, and students. Among them were SPI, KPA, AMAN, Bindes, GMNI, SMI, SP, SPP, Formap, SAINS, P3I, KPRI, FPBI, JKPP, Sawit Watch, IHCS, SPM and STI.

2016 Peasant Day was targeted to have around 15,000 to 20,000 participants that were represented millions of peasants all over Indonesia. The demonstration would be carried out in front of the Palace to sound agrarian reform demands that have not yet been implemented up until it is approaching the third year of Jokowi-JK regime.

In the preparation meeting, Iwan Nurdin stated that all participants should only demand one thing only, because the truth is that agrarian reform belongs to all movement of all groups. “Without agrarian reform, a solid and strong laborers movement will be hard to achieve, because with a large number of agrarian conflicts and so limited land for people will increase urbanization flow, therefore labor market will going cheaper. Laborers will have more difficulties in increasing their bargaining power,” he explained.

In the agrarian reform implementation when the time comes, ideally it will not only land that will be redistributed and not only agrarian conflicts that will be resolved but also prosperity will be achieved. Agrarian reform should later limit ownership of land so that it will weaken oligarch controls – if not disappear them at all.

A weak oligarch and an equal prosperity among civil society will have a healthy Indonesian Nationality Democracy and Politic. Therefore genuine agrarian reform demand is not only belong to peasant movement, but it is belong to all.

The next meeting preparation of 2016 Peasant Day would be on September 1st. It would also be attended by KNPA network and representatives of peasant unions, laborers union, and students.

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