Sepetak Trained Students to Fight Together with Peasants

KPA/Karawang: In order to add the number of agrarian activists, Karawang Peasant Union (Sepetak) trained students for cadres. The event was held at Sepetak secretariat (3/5/2015) to introduce peasants’ lives to the oppressed students.

According to Koeswara, General Secretary of Sepetak, said “Agrarian conflicts in Karawang are spreading, on plantation sector, forest area and infrastructure development, therefore young generation who fight for agrarian reform is needed.

Today, students are interested more to issues of democracy, human rights violation, and corruption compared to agrarian issue. The event was hoped to attract the students’ attention to agrarian issue, especially peasants lives.

The event was also attended by Sepetak members who are conflicted with Perhutani. They are invited to give their lives experiences as the oppressed peasants by the state. AGP

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