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Education for Agrarian Reform Advanced Village at Cijapun Agroecology, Sukabumi

Sukabumi – The objective of agrarian reform is creating ideal rural areas marked by agricultural production management (including cattle and fishery) which is managed collectively by peasant union or community in rural area. All these times, there are a lot of parties who assumed that agrarian reform is just a matter of land struggle (power system). Although agrarian reform is actually possess great ideals, which are independent villages and prosperity for all Indonesian people.

KPA realized that agrarian reform movement is not only a matter of land struggle (power system). Agrarian Reform Advanced Village (DAMARA) is and ideal concept of a village initiated by KPA. It consists of processes of area management (governance), production management (production system), and distribution management (distribution system).

The road to DAMARA can not be beaten instantly. Actualizing an advanced village is not only consisted solely of improving agricultural productivity in rural areas. It should also contain collective agricultural production management including animal husbandry, applying technology, seedling, environment friendly manure, food source variety, and food access justice by considering local production and consumption patterns.

Road to DAMARA can not be beaten instantly. Community preparation is needed, especially youth, who are expected to be motor in rural development. KPA started the long process by carrying out DAMARA education at Cijapun agroecology plantation in Cihaur village, Simpenan subdistrict, Sukabumi district, West Java. It was running throughout September 19 to 23, 2016, which was attended by members of peasant unions under KPA. DAMARA education focused on improving understanding, knowledge, and technical skill of rural youth in production management and ecological farming in frame of agrarian reform, meanwhile spreading basic knowledge on DAMARA and generating collective spirit through simulation.

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