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Dadap Villagers Audience to the National Land Agency (BPN)

On (26/4), Head of Tangerang District has issued the first memorandum No. 301/1081-SPPP addressed to the owners of business and entertainment place at Dadap Baru, Dadap Village, Kosambi Subdistrict of Tangerang District.

The issue of the first memorandum was rejected by the villagers because in their opinion the Head of Tangerang District had done it arbitrarily.

In the name of localization policing, he planned to evict hundreds of householders live in Dadap fishermen hamlet. Though 72 buildings of café/localization has already been closed down since February 2016. The villagers and commercial sex workers have already been through some kind of morale lectures by the Social Ministry and have already gone home to their original hometown.

The forced eviction had risen tension between apparatus of regional government of Tangerang with Dadap villagers on the past April to May.

Up until today, the villagers have already reported the case to Human Right National Commission and Ombudsman. They even have visited the head district  office, however he insisted on carrying on the eviction.

The last time (6/8), Dadap villagers have once again tried to meet the Directorate of First Regional Conflict, the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Plan/Land National Agency. At that time they were accompanied by Untung Saputra, Head of Department for Strengthening People Organization of KPA and Adang Satriyo, his staff.

The outcome of the meeting was that the National Land Agency would immediately learn it and call on concerning services –National Land Agency of Tangerang District and Regional Government of Tangerang District. BPN also gave their words to carry on some efforts in mediating all parties involved in the Dadap conflict.

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